Thailand lottery Latest Details

Thailand lottery was officially hosted by the government Lottery office Thailand.  The national lottery is the only form of legal gambling that most of the people done. Thai lottery started in 1974.  Before explaining about Thai lottery it is clear that I am also a professional gambler and knows lots of lottery laws in Thailand. Thai land is most popular in gambling due to Thai lottery.

Thai lottery is mostly popular despite the low odds of winning and not deliver the much payout. In all over the world lottery payouts is mostly more than Thai lottery. The payout ratio of worldwide is 74% for bingo, blackjack payout is 98%, for horse racing, 81% payout delivers and in Thai lottery payout is just 60%. All of these are the most popular form of legal gambling in Thailand.

In Thailand, women play more lottery than men. Here are the details of Thailand lottery players and average ratio.  Men 47% and women 53% played the lottery in Thailand. Mostly in Thailand Low-income peoples play lottery who’s earning is almost quarterly less than average monthly salary.

Lottery Tickets
In Thailand, there are two types of lottery played by people. The first is the Thai Government lottery and another one is Thai Charity lottery. This will be all depends upon you which type of lottery you want to play. Thai Lottery titles of government and charity are mentioned on the upper left of each ticket. I both lottery tickets the difference only the prize payouts and the amount of tax to be paid on winning.

Thai lottery Prizes.
If you are playing the Thai government lottery TGL your first prize will be 3 Million Baht a bonus prize will be 30 Million and tax you will be paid is about 0.5%. As same as If you played Thai charity lottery you will be payout twenty-two million and the tax you paid at TCL is 1%.
Here are the complete details of Thai lottery prizes with complete details. For all the prize of Thai lottery for all six correct numbers is 2 million baht(Thai Government lottery) or 3 million baht (TCL) per ticket. If your six numbers match you will be get won High Amount. I am sharing with you complete table of all prize.

Table Thai Lottery Details

               Official Prizes for Thai Government and Thai Charity Lotteries


Number of Prizes (Draws)

Payout (baht)


First: Thai Government Lottery (TGL) and Thai Charity Lottery (TCL) 1 2,000,000 x 2 or 3,000,000 x 2 Match 6 digits in first prize draw. Payout for TGL is 2 million; for TCL 3 million
Second 5 100,000 x 2 Match 6 digits in second prize draw
Third 10 40,000 x 2 Match 6 digits in third prize draw
Fourth 50 20,000 x 2 Match 6 digits fourth prize draw
Fifth 100 10,000 x 2 Match 6 digits in fifth prize draw
Special prize (±1) 2 50,000 x 2 Match 6 digits in first prize draw plus or minus 1
Match 3 digits 4,000 2,000 x 2 Match 3 digit draw
Match 2 digits 10,000 1,000 x 2 Match 2 digit draw
First prize bonus (TGL)* 1 30,000,000 Match 6 digit draw for first prize and match unit number draw
First prize bonus (TCL)* 1 22,000,000 Match 6 digit draw for first prize and match unit number draw

In Thailand Lottery draws will be held on the first (1st) and sixteen(16 th)  Date of every month. Here in this table, I will also share with you examples with details how many prizes you won and the complete method of winning Thai Lottery.

Claiming a prize:

               Official Prizes for Thai Government and Thai Charity Lotteries

Drawing Number drawn Unit number drawn Ticket type Prize (baht) Tax (%)
1st prize 388881 12 TGL 4,000,000 (2M x 2) 0.5
1st prize 388881 29 TGL 32,000,000 (2M + 30M) 0.5
1st prize 388881 60 TCL 6,000,000 (3M x 2) 1
1st prize 388881 62 TCL 25,000,000 (3M + 22M) 1
1st prize ±1 388880 N/A TGL 50,000 0.5
1st prize ±1 388882 N/A TCL 50,000 1
3rd prize 726055 N/A TGL 40,000 0.5
3rd prize 726055 N/A TCL 40,000 1

Prize Claim Details of Thai Lottery

If you won a Thailand lottery you will be claimed your price within the two years of the draw date. If your prize is less than 20,000 baht you will get your price in Cash by a lottery retailer. Thai lottery retailer will be charged 1 or 2% in the form of a gift.  If your prize is more than 20,000 baht,  Winning ticket holder will be present in the Government office where a cheque will be issued.

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